5 Books for Inquisitive Lockdown Minds

Can’t get this whole crazy situation out of your head? Spending your time reading new articles or researching the Spanish flu to try and understand the context?

We’ve picked 5 books in stock at bargain prices for the inquisitive minds amongst you.

  1. Lockdown – Peter May – £3.50

This Scottish writer has finally had their novel published because of Covid-19. Publishers didn’t think much of his influenza pandemic story when it was first submitted, yet have now back tracked to put the story into print. Will you see similarities?

2. Your Life In My Hands – Rachel Clarke – £3

We’ve heard so many stories from the NHS frontline on the news or on social media, but it takes going inside the mind of an NHS worker to really understand what they are going through. This account from Rachel Clarke is eye opening, then imagine a pandemic on top of that…

3. The Second Worst Restaurant in France – Alexander McCall Smith – £3

We appreciate this is going very off piste but will all the restaurants closed to eating in and the public longing for the day when menus aren’t limited to a lockdown version, this book is a bit of fun to get you through the months of lockdown. The narrator is forced out by some Siamese Cats and relocates to France to write his piece…. its almost the best and weirdest backstory out there

4. The Dying Hours – Mark Billingham – £3

Again, loosely connected but we will take it…. The Dying Hours investigates a number of ‘suicides’ of the older generation but Tom Thorne soon finds himself on the trail of a serial killer who preys on the elderly.

5. Dog Is Love – £3

Ok Hear us out. Pets have been the absolute saviour for so many people during lockdown. Why not dive further and understand how and why your dog loves you and make your own conclusions about their behaviour during lockdown.

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